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Cannabis Industry Jobs to Explore - Online Cannabis Learning
Angela LydonAug 31, 2023 9:51:17 AM5 min read

Cannabis Industry Jobs to Explore - Online Cannabis Learning

The growing market and career potential

Are you exploring the possibility of a career change? Or maybe you have an interest in cannabis and would like to know more about what opportunities for work there are in this field. If you are in the cannabis industry or are curious about joining it, there has never been a better time. 

Over recent years, job options have greatly increased in the now multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry. With thousands of licensed dispensaries open across the United States, there is a high demand for employees. Cannabis is now applicable in other fields, such as healthcare, clothing, and food service. Due to the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry and its relevance to other areas, job selections are increased. 

What types of jobs are available in the cannabis industry?

Now that marijuana is decriminalized in many states in the U.S., the demand for products is elevated. Some of the most popular jobs in the cannabis industry include but are not limited to:

-Dispensary Manager, Dispensary Owner

-Cannabis Lab Technician 

-Brand Manager/ Ambassador

-Environmental Specialist 


-Marijuana Plant Trimmer 

While the above occupations are essential to a successful business, there are still countless other titles relating to marijuana production and retail sales. Now that dispensaries are active across the country, job creation provides options for those considering a career in cannabis. 

Popular and commonly used job search sites such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter, have recently reported high hourly wages and annual salaries for various jobs in the production, management, and sales of marijuana merchandise. These compensation studies are within or higher than the national average earnings in the United States. Some positions in cannabis have an annual average salary exceeding $100,000 and some hourly wages as high as $70 per hour. In comparison, studies show that adults in the United States in 2023, make an average annual salary between $38,000 to roughly $63,000 or between about $15-$30 hourly. 

Additionally, many entering the job search are concerned about employee benefits. Reports show that in 2022, over 70% of dispensaries offered benefits to their employees. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, benefit options are likely to increase.

What are the typical requirements for these jobs?

As with any managerial position, including in the cannabis industry, one should hold leadership, communication, and collaborative skills. If you are considering a position working more closely with marijuana and are intrigued by the science behind cannabis production, further experience and education would be beneficial. While some dispensaries only require a high school diploma to work in their facility, it is recommended to investigate academic options, such as certificate programs. Having an educational background can not only increase your chances of employment but may also open doors to more opportunities and promotions. 

How can we help you?

Focus EduSolutions has studied this growing industry and created fully online programs to fit any schedule. With our micro-credential programs in Cannabis Business or Cannabis Cultivation and Product Management, students can earn a certificate in these areas in just weeks, fully online, and at an unmatched cost.

Get started today and start working towards your exciting new career or reach out to our team with questions and for more details! 

Summing Up : 

To embark on this exciting journey, look no further than our comprehensive Online Cannabis Learning courses. Designed with your success in mind, these courses encompass a range of features that go beyond conventional education. Whether you're beginning a new career chapter or aiming for a strategic transition, our Online Cannabis Learning courses are your catalyst. With the right education and tools, you can position yourself for success in this dynamic industry. Unleash your potential, enroll now, and embark on a journey of growth and achievement. Your cannabis industry future starts today.

FAQs : 

1. What types of jobs are available in the cannabis industry?

Explore a variety of roles, including cultivation, extraction, retail, marketing, compliance, and research positions, all contributing to the diverse and expanding cannabis sector.

2. How do I get started in the cannabis industry?

Begin by researching the legal requirements in your region, gaining relevant education or training, and networking within the industry to discover job openings and opportunities.

3. What skills are valued in the cannabis industry?

Skills such as horticulture, marketing, regulatory compliance, customer service, and scientific expertise are highly sought after in different aspects of the cannabis field.

4. Are there entry-level positions available in the cannabis industry?

Yes, many entry-level positions exist, particularly in roles like budtending, trimming, and administrative tasks. These roles provide a starting point for those looking to build a career in the industry.

5. What education or training is necessary for a career in cannabis?

Education requirements vary based on the role. Some positions may only require a high school diploma or equivalent, while others might demand a relevant degree or certifications in areas like botany, chemistry, or business.

6. Is the cannabis industry a stable career choice?

The industry is rapidly evolving, and while it offers significant growth potential, it's important to stay updated on changing regulations and market trends to maintain a stable career.

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