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Cannabis Cultivation and
Production Management

Cultivating success through Cannabis cultivation and production management solutions.

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Learn Best Practices for Your Cannabis Business

This program introduces students to the best practices used by cannabis business operators in the cannabis industry within the United States.

This program does not look at state-specific regulations but rather views cannabis business operations through the best-accepted industry practices. This micro-credential especially focuses on “back of the house” operators who cultivate and manufacture cannabis for consumption by patients or consumers. This micro-credential will cover the best practices specific to cultivation operators as well as manufacturing operators and also highlight the general best practices applicable to both cultivation and manufacturing operations.

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Cannabis cultivation and production management is becoming increasingly important in the industry as cannabis continues to grow in popularity and become more widely accepted.

Program Details

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6 weeks, 5-6 hours a week
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Fully online, take this course from anywhere
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$1,800, installments payments available
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Enrollments begin every two weeks
  • Course Overview
  • Program Modules
  • Job Titles
  • Skills
  • Learning Objectives

Course Overview

This program is carefully designed to aid Cannabis cultivators and employees in gaining knowledge on the various aspects of cannabis cultivation and production management through interactive activities, videos, quizzes, and real-life scenarios.


Program Modules

Module 1 – Federal Enforcement Priorities and State Operational Regulations

Module 2 - The U.S. Cannabis Industry

Module 3 - Optimizing Cannabis Cultivation Operations

Module 4 - Understanding Testing Requirements for Cannabis Cultivation Facilities

Module 5 - Extraction Methodologies in the Cannabis Industry

Module 6 - Compliance and Risk Management in Cannabis Manufacturing Operations

What Jobs Relate to this Course?

This program will prepare learners for various job titles including Entry-level positions, employees of vertical integrated operations, Directors, Facility/General managers, cultivation teams (grower, head grower, harvester, and nursery/propagation employee), manufacturing teams (extraction and food handler teams), packaging and labeling teams, and Inventory managers and employees.


This program will equip learners with the following skills:

  • Organizational, multitasking, and analytical skills
  • Legal knowledge (licensing compliance and manufacturing protocols)
  • Technical writing skills, employee training, and inventory controls
  • Operational documentation
  • Operational compliance skills
  • General industry knowledge and operational knowledge specific to cultivation and manufacturing

Learning Objectives

This program will equip learners with the following work competencies:

  • Evaluate operational practices and documented standard operating procedures.
  • Create robust standard operating procedures.
  • Apply standard operating procedure requirements to employee training and defined roles and responsibilities within a cannabis business.
  • Evaluate federal enforcement priorities for strict seed-to-sale and inventory tracking system requirements.
  • Apply federal enforcement priorities to state-sanctioned legal medical and/or adult-use cannabis.
  • Understand the different types of cultivation operations, licensing authority compliance, the role the inventory tracking system plays in cannabis cultivation operations, and the different types of cannabis manufacturing operations (hydrocarbon and non-solvent-based extractions, food processing, and manufacturing).
  • Apply health and safety standards (hazardous waste risk assessments, hazardous material handling, employee training, and safety standards).
  • Analyze mater manufacturing procedures.
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