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Methods of Cannabis Cultivation
Angela LydonDec 12, 2023 6:18:48 AM3 min read

New Eco-Friendly Methods of Cannabis Cultivation

Many cannabis users are curious about cultivating their plants but may be unsure where to start. While there are different methods to use to grow cannabis plants, growers often want to be environmentally conscious as well. This can include more than just being mindful of electricity or water usage. Plastic can also pose an environmental challenge for growers. 

Here are some interesting, eco-friendly strategies for growing cannabis. 

Grow outdoors depending on your location 

The option for growing outdoors will depend on where you live and what the regular climate is like in your location. If you live in a relatively warm location with no harsh winters or very cold weather, growing outdoors can be a great option. You can use sunlight as natural light to grow healthy plants. This can reduce electricity use if you were to use lighting in your home. 

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Consider creating a greenhouse 

Since winter months cause a drop in temperature and loss of natural daylight, outdoor growing can be cut short despite its benefits. Using a greenhouse can extend the time available to grow plants into winter months and is more energy efficient overall. The greenhouse option can also create more potent and better-quality yields. 

Collect and use rainwater to hydrate your plants 

Like any plant, cannabis plants need water to thrive and grow. To reduce water usage, collecting rainwater can help. This is an especially great option if you live in a climate where rainfall is frequent. Simply leave a large bucket outdoors to collect water for your plants. 

Reducing the use of plastic in your growing materials 

Excessive plastic can be unfortunately common when you are first starting to grow. This is because growers will purchase items that are sold in plastic, or order from online places where they will use a lot of packing materials. One way to reduce plastic waste is to consider purchasing used items from nearby sellers where you can buy and pick them up. Another option is to get a large recycling bin to collect any plastic waste and recycle it on your own. 

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Use less harmful chemicals in your plants

Some growers will use chemical sprays in their plants to help them grow faster or manipulate their growth in some way. Sprays and chemicals can be harmful to the environment and even to use in your household. Consider more natural growing tricks, such as natural fertilizer or soil. If you do end up having to use a stronger type of chemical in your plants, it’s always a great idea to research how to dispose of extra chemicals or contaminated waste in your area. 

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Consider online learning to increase your knowledge of cultivation

Online programs are an excellent way to increase your knowledge of cannabis plants, growing techniques, and managing cultivation. This can help you build a great foundation to start growing, and even open doors later on to potential professional careers. Online certificate programs are very convenient, affordable, and much less time-consuming than other programs. 

To learn more and explore cannabis program options, click here today. 

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