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What are Some of the Highest Paying Occupations of the Cannabis Industry?
Angela LydonSep 25, 2023 11:11:18 AM4 min read

What are Some of the Highest Paying Occupations of the Cannabis Industry?

States across the United States have legalized marijuana in recent years, decriminalizing cannabis in almost half the states in the country. Now that marijuana and cannabis products are becoming widely accepted in America, it has created a quite large market along with some lucrative job positions. 

Recent reports project the cannabis industry to reach over $33 billion dollars by the end of 2023. July 2023 studies also show an increase in recreational and therapeutic marijuana use, while medicinal marijuana is consistently used in the healthcare field. 

Now that so many states in America have legalized cannabis, dispensaries are popping up in many locations and generating a lot of revenue. To keep these dispensaries running, many employees are needed and contribute to the growing market. In 2022, the median average salary per person in the United States falls to around $54,000. Here are some of the higher-paying jobs in the cannabis industry:

Plant Trimmer- While this role is on the lower end compared to other jobs, being a marijuana plant trimmer will still earn you around $31,000 annually or more. This is only slightly below the national average salary, and you can work your way up in the field to eventually earn more. Plant trimmers are responsible for properly trimming plants in preparation for sales, weighing the plants, and maintaining a clean environment for the plants to grow. 

Dispensary Manager- Managing a dispensary comes with many tasks. Managers are responsible for overseeing daily tasks and ensuring the store location is running properly. They also track inventory, finances, schedules, and more. Customer interaction is a large part of their role as well. This job title can bring in anywhere from $50,000-$60,000 per year depending on the state, with potential for salary increases. 

Brand Manager- If you’re interested in the cannabis industry but also have a creative side, becoming a brand manager may be a great fit for you. Brand managers will be responsible for marketing, campaigns, and promoting the product to the public to increase sales. This job title comes with an average salary of about $62,000 annually. 

Delivery Driver- If you like to spend more time on the road, becoming a cannabis delivery driver is likely a good job for you. Delivery includes a variety of aspects, including involvement in product distribution to dispensaries and bringing products to consumers. It is a wise idea to check for driving and licensing requirements prior to applying for these jobs. The average annual salary can exceed $63,000 per year. 

Cannabis Sales Representative- Sales reps play a vital role in bringing in revenue. With a variety of potential clients and consumers, their job is to sell their products and make those clients continue to be customers. Working together with marketing teams can help to develop a strategy for more profit. These representatives can travel or work within dispensaries and collaborate with other departments or team members to promote products. This job salary averages over the national average at over $71,000. 

What is needed to apply for jobs in the cannabis field?

While the requirements for applying really depend on the role and state, getting an education in the field is always a great idea to familiarize yourself with the industry and learn the basics of the career path you’d like to get into. 

Focus EduSolutions offers convenient and flexible fully online certificate programs in Cannabis Business or Cannabis Cultivation and Production Management. If you are considering learning more about the cannabis industry and how you can profit from it, review our program options today. 

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