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Interest in growing cannabis at home is increasing. Learning which method of growing is essential in properly maintaining healthy plants.
Angela LydonOct 23, 2023 12:00:00 PM2 min read

What are the Benefits of Growing Cannabis Plants in Just Soil?

If you are interested in the cannabis industry and are considering beginning the growth process at your home, it’s wise to research various methods before getting started. First, checking your state or town/city’s cannabis policies and regulations is essential in ensuring you can grow plants legally and how many you may maintain in or on your residence. The next step is choosing which method you will use to grow your plants, which will then determine which supplies and materials you will need to purchase.

There are a few ways to grow plants indoors or outdoors, including in hydroponic systems using mostly water, just in soil, or both.

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Here are some of the benefits of just using soil to grow your plants,

Save on water usage 

While there are many benefits to a hydroponic growing system, it does use much more water than growing in soil. As with any plant, watering and hydration is essential to growth. However, growing the seeds in the soil and watering them as needed can help save water over time. 

You can add compost to your soil 

Not only is composting a great way to help the environment by recycling products, but it can also provide additional nutrients to help your plants grow and stay healthy. Some examples of compostable foods you may consider are tea bag leaves, eggshells, coffee grounds, and more. 

Reuse previous soil 

Reusing soil to grow your cannabis plants is a great way to save money and make the process easier so you do not have to purchase more soil. It is important to frequently check your soil for any pests or insects before reusing for new, healthy plants. 

Soil can be cheaper

 You will likely save more money if you decide to grow your cannabis plants in soil. This is because the setup is usually easier than a hydroponic system, but it is best to weigh your options if you are unsure if you will grow indoors or outdoors, as that will impact cost. Reusing soil can also help save money but not needing to purchase more after every yield. 

Choosing your method of cannabis growing, whether it’s hydroponic, soil, or both, depends on where you live, the climate you live in, and your budget. If you are interested in cannabis plant cultivation but want to learn more, check out today. 

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