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What is Cannabis Cultivation and Why is it a Great Career Path? - OCL
Angela LydonAug 31, 2023 9:20:17 AM6 min read

What is Cannabis Cultivation and Why is it a Great Career Path? - OCL

You may have noticed in recent years that dispensaries are popping up at an increasing rate, selling a variety of products ranging from edibles, infused beverages, oils, and more. You may be a contributing customer. Almost half the states in the United States have decriminalized marijuana, creating an opportunity for profit and job creation. In 2023, over 20 U.S. states have legalized the usage and retail sale of marijuana products. In 2021 alone, an estimated 321,000 employees worked for dispensaries and that number has only increased. After an increase in job layoffs across the country during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were thousands in need of work to make ends meet. With dispensary employment opportunities entering the job force at an expanding rate, thousands of job options have been presented to those looking for a new career.

Cannabis has become a multi-billion-dollar industry and is expected to continue expanding. In 2022, studies showed that the cannabis industry made over $13.2 billion. One of the most essential components of the cannabis industry and its success is cultivation. 

What is cannabis cultivation?

Cultivating refers to the preparation of land or environment to grow crops or plants. Cultivation is vital in the production of cannabis. These employees are often referred to as Cultivators, Cannabis Growers, or Master Growers. 

Since the more recent uptick in the legalized selling of marijuana and cannabis products, the United States has seen a higher demand for employees in the field. Yet, like with any business, there needs to be a foundational starting point. Marijuana cultivators are responsible for growing and harvesting the cannabis plants which are then sold by retailers and dispensaries. These cultivated plants can be presented to consumers in a variety of ways: cannabis oil, cooking and infused products, clothing material, and more. 

Within this process, other components must be considered. This includes trimming the plants when it is necessary, pest management- ensuring unwanted insects and pests are not interfering with sanitary growth, monitoring the plant environment for sufficient growth-such as temperature regulation, and more. The process of creating cannabis products includes many important steps to be optimal for retail consumption. 

How can I make cultivation a career?

The average salary in the United States for a grower of marijuana or someone who cultivates plants, ranges but typically comes close to $70,000 annually. This role not only provides necessary experience for employers in this field but prepares employees for potential promotional opportunities where they can make an increased salary. With any career, it is always a wise idea to pursue an educational avenue. While there are useful degree programs, certifications can be just as effective in obtaining the skills and training at a fraction of the cost and duration. Cannabis dispensaries often value cultivators with either experience or an academic background in this subject. 

How can I get started on this career path?

If you are considering a career in cultivation and would like to learn more, check out our fully online programs to see how we can help you work towards a rewarding career. You can earn your certificate with our Cannabis Cultivation and Product Management program. Learn the essentials of cannabis business operations, growing, manufacturing, and more. We provide the necessary skills and tools needed to work in the cannabis field.

Summing up : 

Picking the right cannabis certificate program is important if you want to do well in the cannabis industry. Think about things like what you want to focus on if the program is recognized, what they teach, who teaches, how flexible it is, and if you get to do real things. This helps you choose a program that fits your career plans. Don't forget to research well, ask for advice, and go to events where you can learn more. Going for a good certificate program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to do great in the fast-growing cannabis field.

Taking online cannabis learning courses is a smart and flexible way to learn about the growing cannabis industry. When you join trusted programs, you can get helpful things, learn from experts, and become more likely to find a job. Don't miss out on the chance to learn, improve, and be part of the exciting world of cannabis through online courses.  Reach out to our team today with additional questions or get started today!

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What is Cultivation in the Cannabis Industry?

Cultivation in the cannabis industry refers to the art and science of growing cannabis plants. It involves a range of techniques, from selecting the right strains and seeds to nurturing plants through various stages of growth. Cultivators manage factors like lighting, nutrients, humidity, and temperature to ensure optimal plant development and maximize yields. Cultivation is a crucial foundation of the cannabis supply chain, providing the raw material for various products and driving the industry forward.

Why Should You Work in the Cannabis Industry?

Working in the cannabis industry offers a unique blend of innovation, challenge, and impact. This rapidly evolving sector provides opportunities to contribute to a burgeoning market while fostering personal and professional growth. From cultivating the plant itself to roles in marketing, research, and compliance, the cannabis industry allows you to shape its future and be part of a transformative movement.

What is the Job Title for Someone Who Grows Cannabis?

The job title for someone who grows cannabis is commonly known as a "Cultivator" or "Cannabis Grower." These individuals are responsible for nurturing and tending to cannabis plants throughout their lifecycle, ensuring optimal conditions for growth and cultivation. Cultivators play a pivotal role in producing high-quality cannabis products that meet market demands and regulatory standards.

What is the Future of the Cannabis Industry?

The future of the cannabis industry is promising and multifaceted. As legalization efforts continue to spread across the globe, the industry is expected to experience significant growth. This expansion will lead to advancements in cultivation techniques, product innovation, and a broader range of career opportunities. Moreover, as societal perceptions of cannabis evolve, the industry's potential for medical, wellness, and industrial applications is likely to broaden, shaping a dynamic landscape for years to come.


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