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What to Know Prior to Attending a Cannabis Festival
Angela LydonDec 5, 2023 8:41:09 AM3 min read

What to Know Prior to Attending a Cannabis Festival

If you are a cannabis user or are in support of full legalization across the United States, you may be curious about attending a festival. Festivals are lively, and fun, and can bring communities together. Cannabis festivals are intended to promote advocacy, and awareness, and celebrate the culture. Here are some things to be mindful of prior to attending a cannabis festival to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Check the weather and dress accordingly

Festivals are likely to be held outside due to smoking and the quantity of attendants. Check the weather a couple of days prior to the festival to see what the climate will be like. If it is going to be high heat, wearing lightweight clothing and less layers is advised. Bring a sun hat or a hat with a visor to help reduce sunburn. Using sunscreen prior to entering can help protect your skin as well. Wear comfortable shoes as you will likely be doing a lot of standing and walking. 

Bring water and stay hydrated 

You may not be able to bring outside beverages into a festival. If this happens, find the nearest stand with water bottles or other drinks to carry with you to stay hydrated. If you are able to bring your own drinks to the festival, fill a reusable cup with water and ice to have with you. Odds are you will be quite active during the festival and are likely to sweat. You can also keep cool by bringing a mini cooling towel or a small portable fan. 

Read about what is allowed to be brought into the venue 

Check the festival's website or social media page prior to the event so you know what is allowed to be taken into the festival. This can include outside food and drink, large purses or bags, umbrellas, and more. If you are allowed to bring a small backpack, that is a great way to carry necessities without the hassle of carrying around an over-the-shoulder purse. Be mindful of any tickets that need to be purchased beforehand to ensure easy and quick entry. Also, check the parking or commute situation depending on the location of the festival. Don’t forget to bring a valid license or identification card as well. 

Take safety precautions at the festival

Once it the venue, take a quick couple of minutes to notice where the exits are. Finding an information or assistance booth is also a great idea if there is one available. Festivals can get loud, wild, and crowded, which can be overwhelming for some attendees. Observe any law enforcement present at the venue in case of emergency as well. 

 Be mindful of regulations in the area 

Although cannabis festivals celebrate the culture of marijuana, smoking on public or federal land or property is generally prohibited in any area. It is always a good idea to double-check local regulations and policies prior to attending a cannabis festival to ensure you are following the laws. 

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