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Learn why the cannabis industry is growing and how you can become a part of its success.
Angela LydonAug 21, 2023 5:05:27 AM3 min read

What’s a Certificate in Product Management and How Will it Benefit You?

If you hold managerial and leadership skills with an interest in cannabis, earning a certificate in Product Management is an excellent career move. Overseeing the production of the marijuana growth process is crucial to ensuring successful retail cannabis sales. In recent years, studies have shown an uptick in cannabis sales, ranging in variety from CBD oils to edibles, and more. The many steps that go into cultivating cannabis to create these numerous products are often overlooked or unknown, even by typical users. With over 20 states in the country legalizing marijuana and thousands of licensed dispensaries within those states, there is a demand for product management in the growing cannabis industry. 

What is product management? 

A great deal goes into the process of growing and selling marijuana to consumers in various forms- seeding, harvesting, trimming, and much more depending on the actual merchandise. Product management ensures that all necessary steps are taken to create a satisfactory product for retail sales. This role also includes effectively training employees, so that essential phases in the growing process are completed properly. Product management often goes beyond the technical aspects- production managers are also encouraged to promote the benefits of the industry to consumers- such as medicinal options, relaxation, and overall wellness. 

Why get your certificate in product management?

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the cannabis industry and have skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration, earning a certificate in this field is a terrific option. Certificate programs are not only significantly less in duration compared to degree programs but are substantially less expensive. Earning a certificate is a fantastic way to increase your knowledge on a specific topic, gain necessary skills, and save yourself time and money doing so. Perhaps you have an interest in cannabis and its variety of benefits and are simultaneously looking for a career change- or maybe you are eager to learn how to cultivate as a hobby on your own time. 

The cannabis industry has shown expanding growth over recent years and is projected to continue increasing in revenue- making this industry worth billions. Production managers of many sorts are often in high demand as they are a relevant component of operations, however, the cannabis industry shows a much higher demand as dispensaries continue to open across the United States.

What does a profitable career look like as a Product Manager?

As of July 2023, ZipRecruiter- a highly used and popular job search site, reported the national average salary for Cannabis Production Managers to be over $70,000, with the higher end boasting over $120,000 annually. This average is considerably higher than the average annual salary overall in the United States, which comes in at just over $60,000. The expansion and success of this industry is largely due to the overwhelming number of users of marijuana in this country. The CDC reports that in 2019 alone, over 42 million Americans had reported either using or having used marijuana. 

Want to move forward with a certificate? Look no further!

Focus EduSolutions has done extensive research in the growing cannabis industry. We are proud to offer a fully online program entitled Cannabis Cultivation and Production Management. This program showcases the foundation of business operations, standard practices, and skills needed to obtain a rewarding career in this industry. 

Are you interested in moving forward? Enroll today to start your journey or reach out to our team for additional questions and details. 

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